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Day 10

(Day 10 - 4 Hours) I rolled the hull again and did all the final shaping shaping on the sheer and bulkheads. and sanded all the glass inside. The sheer clamp raises about 1 1/4" at the bow because it is difficult to edge bend stock that large and there is a lot of shape forward so I kept the sheer clamp even with the sheer most of the way and let it lift up a bit at the bow. It can be difficult to get the sheer clamp to rest flat on the side panels if you do not do this.

I made the floor support out of a 2X6 and laid the stock on the bottom, scribed/cut and trimmed as needed to get it to fit. I then marked and cut the top to the desired height. I had to trim it a couple of times so it was not to high for a 4' wide sheet of plywood to reach side to side on the bottom panels and lay flat against the support. Before tabbing it in I notched limber holes at ends and also drilled a 1" hole at the bottom of the two bulkheads it hits.

Plywood epoxy stitch and glue design

(Day 11 and 12 - 4 Hours Each Day) Rolled the hull again to install keels. I generally do not keep rolling the hull so much but because it is cold I need to give the epoxy an extra day to fully cure. The keels are epoxied in place with screws as clamps, and the wedges on each side are just taped in place to keep them from sliding out of position while the goo cures. The next day I sanded and shaped the wedges and keels.

Plywood epoxy stitch and glue design

Fillets are ran along the keels and glassed with two layer of 6 oz cloth, a 5" and a 7" strip. Wet these out in a tray and laid them down as one layup. I also added 3 layers of glass over the wedges. You could add the keelsons and wedges before the hull is glassed and do it all in one step, but all those corners over the keels is difficult to pull of so I prefer to glass them separately.

Plywood epoxy stitch and glue design



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